Highly qualified specialists for the best surgical or treatment outcome.   Our staff confirm hospital and provider accreditations, and research their profile, and research outcome data for that provider.  There is a lot that we do for you, that you cannot do alone.  Contact us today for special negotiated discount prices. You will find out why our slogan is 
                                      "FLY A LITTLE, SAVE A LOT!"
Please email or call us to discuss your best options based on:

1. Ability to travel  (do you need a nurse assistant?)
2. Time frames for treatment, testing or surgery
3.  Personal supports at home
4.  Financial considerations (insurance, self pay)
5.  Hospitals that specialize in your medical need

Orthopedic and Heart Surgery at 1/5 the typical average cost in the USA, in JCI accredited facilities--and the hospital is closer than you might think!
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