NC Medical Travel:  Lowering Costs for Employers, Groups, and Individuals

      In addition to booking your hotel and medical appointments,
      we provide the following: 

1.   Negotiated lower rates and group travel with a guide
2.   Coordination of medical, dental and vacation time
3.   Assistance with finding low cost airfare
4.   Notify the embassy that you are traveling
5.   Travel, safety and money tips
6.   Staff familiar with services in the country to which you are
      traveling, and the provider services
7.   Arrange airport transfers
8.   Coordinate with medical and dental providers 
9.   First contact in case of any emergency at home or abroad
10. Coordinate care for the patient, following surgery abroad
11. Assistance with locating medical services and  
      comparing costs at JCI Accredited Providers in
      multiple countries. You make the decision, your 
      experienced case manager will  make the 

In short, you are a citizen of the USA trying to access medical services in a foreign country.  A one time customer (patient) is unknown, but NC Medical Staff are coordinating with medical professionals over and over. This relationship is a greater guarantee that you are a special patient that will arrive on time and prepared, and will have received the doctor's instructions as necessary, for your pre-operative and post-operative care. Your arrangements are the correct number of days in the country, in an appropriate hotel or recovery center, and there is less risk of complication. "Do it Yourself Medical Tourism" is risky and unnecessary.  It does not add to the cost of your procedure to use the professional medical travel services of our staff.  NC Medical Staff can also assist with locating providers that will accept your health insurance.

The patient is assured that everything is in order so that when they arrive, the provider is expecting them and is prepared to begin on schedule. More often than not, a patient is paying more than necessary if they try to schedule their own medical or dental care--we know what the typical and usual prices are, and we know how to reduce costs. 

NC Medical Travel, LLC Services to International Patients
Our professional staff take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  

"Working with Kathy and Richard made the travel experience go very smoothly as I would never have done this on my own." --Jennifer M. USA....................."They did help me tremendously even though it was of no direct benefit to them. It would be nice to return the favors they have done for me. BTW- to restate, I went to Barcelona, Spain not Central America."--Mike L. North Carolina, USA............................."The prosthetic care I received was excellent, in fact Dino seemed much more experienced than the guy that made my first prosthetic leg in our area in the states"--Patient..........................."I appreciate NC Medical Travel for giving me an alternative to high priced US medical treatments. They provided me communication with the Doctor and Clinic. Even with my flights, hotel stay, treatment, the cost was still half of what I would pay in the states for the same care. Plus, I got a vacation of rainforest, hot springs, zip lining, volcano, and a visit with my college friend who lives in Panama." Carrie E. USA......................"NC Travel went beyond their commitment to organize everything we needed, even with extra last-minute requests."--Patient
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