NC Medical Travel:  Lowering Costs for Employers, Groups, and Individuals

How NC Medical Travel Works for Self Funded Companies
NC MEDICAL TRAVEL, LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of our corporate clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. 

We are proud of the work we do to improve the health and well being of  the patients we serve--YOUR VALUED EMPLOYEES!
How can NC Medical Travel benefit my Self Funded Company?
Our sales staff can analyze your health care spending and offer an intelligent proposal based on your needs and our knowledge of prices and travel costs, factoring in the type of business you have, number of employees, and the average age.  We can often reduce the incidence of worker comp claims by incorporating low cost preventative screenings annually for employees. 
How will my company pay for services for employees?
MediRica will work with your existing TPA, Benefits Administrator, HR Department,  Insurance Broker, or can work directly with your company management.  Your company or representative is invoiced and pay for medical services the same as you would for a hospital providing services in the USA.  The only difference you will see is the cost savings. The more our services are used, the greater the savings. 
Do I give employees a "reward" for saving my company money on our healthcare expenses?
You want your employees to use our Medical Travel services, because it saves you money.  NC Medical Travel, "MediRica" has incorporated incentives into most of the travel packages, like tours and extras.  However,  most employers want to offer a gift in the form of a cash reimbursement for the extra effort the employee has made to help reign in on the high costs of healthcare for their employer.  Eliminating co-pays is often the 
best incentive, or a % of the savings.

NC Medical Travel, LLC was a recent exhibitor at the SIIA National Expo in DC. They are actively involved in cost containment for employee healthcare utilizing superior skills and knowledge of available healthcare outside of the USA. Providers they work with contract with NC Medical Travel, who in turn contracts with employers or their benefit administrators. Savings are substantial enough that it is a practical solution with minimal stress upon the employee for the added travel. NC Medical Staff from the USA travel with groups of patients.

In addition to savings on orthopedic and general surgeries, NC Medical Travel also contracts with cancer treatment centers. Some of the cancer specialists are top rated internationally, in their fields. Another way that employers will save substantial amounts of money is on scheduled heart surgeries.  
The international medical travel option will need to be written into the employer's healthcare plan. However, it can be written in so as to give the employee a choice of lower co-pay/deductible, or the co-pay eliminated in exchange for the medical travel option to a preferred provider abroad. International providers contracting with NC Medical Travel almost all accept Blue Cross and other major USA health insurance. The international medical travel option works incredibly well for small to large companies struggling to comply with the ACA, and still be assured that they can grow their business while offering top quality medical benefits. Employees appreciate options that do not drain their financial resources, in meeting co-pay amounts. It serves as a tool for employee recruitment, retainment and job satisfaction. 

NC Medical Travel offers services to  fit all types of employee insurance plan structures. Insurance agents, third party administrators, human resource consultants, benefit administrators and business owners may contact them to set up a time to discuss how international medical travel will lower their employee healthcare liabilities. 

​Providers in the Caribbean, Central and South America

Specialized Cancer Treatment Centers, Radiotherapy

Specialized Orthopedic Centers, Ambulatory and JCI
Accredited Hospitals

Specialized Heart Surgery JCI Accredited Hospitals

Accredited Outpatient Clinics for Outstanding Value

Cost is  typically 1/5 the cost of the USA for orthopedic surgery and heart surgery.

Savings vary depending on the provider that you choose. The options are yours to consider. We help you make the best choice possible for your particular situation.