NC Medical Travel:  Lowering Costs for Employers, Groups, and Individuals


Members of Christian Health Care groups often have special financial needs. We will assist you in locating a doctor and hospital that meets your needs, and help with the financial arrangements. Our lower contracted rates, and our ability to negotiate lower pricing for you, means that your out of pocket costs are reduced. 
Did you know that NC Medical Travel also offers medical and surgical options in hospitals throughout the Caribbean, South and Central America?  Specialized centers for cancer treatment, orthopedic and heart surgery--JCI Accredited Hospitals to meet your needs.


Listen to a podcast about a Samaritan Member Couple who went to Costa Rica for Diagnostic Tests in 2014

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Members of Christian Cost Share Healthcare share their stories of travel for medical care as using services of NC Medical Travel, LLC
Members of Christian Healthcare Cost Sharing Groups may contact us to arrange surgical services at an affiliated,  accredited hospital.  

 Please contact NC Medical Travel, so that we can assist you further and give you excellent options with high quality providers. Whether you need assistance with diagnostic care, or surgery, or if you are wanting a second opinion, our staff are familiar with how your cost sharing works, and are eager to help. 

Lower out of pocket costs, and less red tape can 
speed up the process of obtaining healthcare. 

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2015-16 procedures have included: Orthopedic Surgery, Heart Stress Tests, Colonoscopy, Face Lift, Mammograms, Dental Implants, Hysterectomy, Gastric Surgery, Kidney Stone Removal, Heart Surgery, Hyperbaric Chamber, CAT Scan, Orthopedic, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, to name a few......--
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Taking time out from a busy week, Samaritan Ministry Healthcare members donated a lot of useful clothes, shoes, personal items, and toys to the children in a local orphanage. Suitcases were packed full to bring and donate. The group took the van to visit with the 10  well cared for young children who live there and who are up for adoption. They have a nearly 100% adoption rate, we were told.