NC Medical Travel:  Lowering Costs for Employers, Groups, and Individuals

High Quality/Low Cost equals Great Value for Dental.
 If you are an employer, consider offering to pay for dental care as an incentive to employees volunteering to travel for medical care. 
"Fly a little, Save a LOT!" 
Dental providers in Costa Rica have different specialties, locations and pricing.  We are happy to be able to assist you in choosing the dental provider that best suits your needs.  Our experienced staff are frequently traveling with groups of patients going to Costa Rica for medical and dental procedures.  We see the clinics and professionalism of providers that we recommend to our clients. Our consumer satisfaction feedback forms rate the dental providers, and we only refer people to providers that get excellent satisfaction ratings from our clients. 

If you are interested in going to a dental provider and would like some prices and perhaps speak to the dentist, please fill out this form.  You can upload x-rays or treatment plans onto this form. The form is sent directly to the dental providers for their comments and price estimate.  We need to know when you are wanting to travel, so that we are able to confirm that the dentists are in their office during that time frame and have available appointment times. Please be clear on any medical conditions that you have--this will determine which provider is best matched to your needs.  We do have a dental provider that works within a hospital, should you have a heart condition. Allergies should be noted.

Form for dental patients: Please fill out and submit

Time guidelines:
Root canals and dental implants are done in one day
Crowns and veneers require that you stay 5 business days
Bridges and partials, allow for a 10 day stay

​1. Send in your dental form (see above)
2. CONTACT NC MEDICAL TRAVEL AT 336-608-5636 in order to schedule
    dental or medical care, and to consult with the dentist. 
3. Be sure you have a valid passport

Before you sell or refinance your house to get your dental work done, or spend all your hard earned savings, or worse yet, neglect your teeth and health, call us and at least let us explain how easy it is to just


336-608-5636 --North Carolina Office
Testimony from patient in July, 2015 who traveled with NC Medical Travel
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