NC Medical Travel:  Lowering Costs for Employers, Groups, and Individuals

NC Medical Travel to Costa Rica--Smart Option for Businesses and People Looking to Stretch Their Healthcare Dollars.
More Services, Less Money, High Quality
MediRica Travel is made up of medical travel professionals and partners with doctors, hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica and the Caribbean.   Helping employers to reduce costs of their employee healthcare expenses, MediRica Travel negotiates reduced rates for corporate clients. The savings are substantial, even with the cost of travel, when your employee needs services such as orthopedic surgery and your company is self funded. Even companies with medical insurance can offer negotiated discounts to employees and reduce the amount they have to pay out of pocket for high deductibles and co-pays. We work with TPA's, Benefit Administrators, HR Professionals, insurance Agents  and the Business Community. 

Kathryn Jordan, CEO/Marketing
International Patient Coordinator for Corporate Clients and Self Funded Companies
Richard Jordan, PR

​Richard has degrees in Communications and History, and enjoys travel to our provider destinations with patients. You can read his many blogs on medical and dental travel:
Also a member of Samaritan Ministry Healthcare, Richard provides medical travel services and case management to fellow  members through NC Medical Travel.

NC Medical Travel  ALSO is affiliated with
excellent providers in other Caribbean and South America destinations.

Each destination has specialities and differing financial advantages to you, depending on your situation.  Let the medical travel specialists work for you--NC Medical Travel, LLC. 

Cancer treatment outside of the USA, but with USA affiliated clinics, can be 50% less expensive than in the USA.  Explore your options, but don't sacrifice your health due to indecision--we are happy to help link you with qualified providers that are more affordable. 
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