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2015-17 procedures have included: Orthopedic Surgery, Heart Stress Tests, Colonoscopy, Face Lift, Mammogram, Dental Implants, Hysterectomy, Gastric Surgery, Kidney Stone Removal, Heart Surgery, Hyperbaric Chamber, CAT Scan, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Lab tests, Vision and Hearing to name a few......JOIN US: Groups going to Caribbean destination hospitals for surgery, diagnostic, dental and to vacation, monthly. Or, we can schedule you to travel alone (or with your family or companion) Call us today at 336-608-5636 "Fly a little, Save a LOT!"...
"Working with Kathy and Richard made the travel experience go very smoothly as I would never have done this on my own." --Jennifer M. USA....................."They did help me tremendously even though it was of no direct benefit to them. It would be nice to return the favors they have done for me. BTW- to restate, I went to Barcelona, Spain not Central America."--Mike L. North Carolina, USA............................."The prosthetic care I received was excellent, in fact Dino seemed much more experienced than the guy that made my first prosthetic leg in our area in the states"--Patient..........................."I appreciate NC Medical Travel for giving me an alternative to high priced US medical treatments. They provided me communication with the Doctor and Clinic. Even with my flights, hotel stay, treatment, the cost was still half of what I would pay in the states for the same care. Plus, I got a vacation of rainforest, hot springs, zip lining, volcano, and a visit with my college friend who lives in Panama." Carrie E. USA......................"NC Travel went beyond their commitment to organize everything we needed, even with extra last-minute requests."--Patient. Sidney from Florida writes: "I decided to go to Costa Rica for some major dental work. I realized that I could not manage such an extensive project alone especially when I started my search for a dentist in the complaints section on the web. One respondent advised that the route to avoiding dissatisfaction was to get with a medical travel agent and recommended Kathryn Jordan at How fortunate for me. Kathryn put me in touch with a wonderful, well-qualified dentist and when I had to change my travel date and make the trip alone, she arranged safe and beautiful accommodations for my stay as well as alerting everyone to my transportation needs. Could not think of a better experience for a 71 year old seeking dental surgery. Thanks, Kathryn, for you and my doctor went beyond my expectations."
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"Costa Rica's Compassionate Care with Kathy Jordan of NC Medical Travel"

Whether you are an employer looking for a medical tourism facilitator to reduce the amount you pay as a self funded company, or you are someone wanting a referral to a well qualified dentist in Costa Rica, or, you are a person needing to explore more affordable medical options (even with health insurance), you have come to the right place--NC Medical Travel, "MediRica". Let our experience work for you, to save 65% or more on your current costs for healthcare and dental treatments and lower your out of pocket costs.